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                                                           "Fear Cutters"    
Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. 
A program designed to inform, motivate, and enlighten people of all ages whose parents and/or loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer.  We are a non-profit (501c3) organization.  Our aim is to eliminate some of the fears associated with this disease and to strengthen and introduce coping techniques to our participants. We advocate healthy life-styles and early detection through clinical screenings.  We are proud to honor, five to ten survivors and 35-50 or more caregivers and loved ones per workshop.  We open the communication about cancer, giving our participants materials and information needed to make informed quality decisions about their health. 
After our mother, Viola McMiller and our cousin, Carolyn Terry were diagnosed with cancer, we got involved with some support groups to help us deal with the news of CANCER.  This gave us the idea to start a support group for people that may not be able to attend support groups.  We became the Co-Founders of Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. Empowering Children of ALL AGES...
Sisters, working to make a differenc:
Our Mom, Viola McMiller and our cousin, Carolyn Terry
Honoring their memories.
"Cutting Away The Fears"
We are being blessed daily and must realize; the power within, is greater than the powers of this world. 
Thanks for giving HOPE to survivors .
Telehealth for 55+