This program has encouraged me, giving me a greater awareness of the knowledge of cancer.  Before working with this group, I did not have the information need for a speedy recovery.  I have been inspired to share the information with others  who are dealing with this deadly disease.  I am now motivated to be more active working with Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc.  With prayer and action we can reach more people letting them know that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentences.  
Delisa Lee
Birmingham, AL 

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1975 and was told that I would not be able tto have children.  At that time I told the doctors they do what they had to do and God will do the rest. Since then I've had 4 children.  In 2006 I lost my sister to cancer.  Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. was there at that time to help me and my family  come together and work through our healing process. 
Loretta Scott-Dial
Birmingham, AL 

As a younger adult (37 yrs) afflicted with breast cancer, I determined immediately that "I would live and not die" just as said in the Bible by my Lord.  It took an informative and prayerful decision to have the procedure I decided upon; that was the removal of both breast (bi-lateral mastectomy) and partial hysterectomy.  I thank God for His guidance and courage to do what I needed to be done; it was the path for My healing. 
It is no longer an illness we have to fear.  We no longer have to associate this affliction with death.   We must first become knowledgeable of this illness that is growing so fast around us. I am so thankful to Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. for  "Cutting Away the Fears".  These ladies are committed to being proactive and not just reactive to a disease that is intruding upon our lives.  It is the idea of becoming familiar with the disease that "cuts away the fears" associated with the illness, and once familiar, you learn how to properly give it the attention it is due; whether it be medically, coping mechanism or just support. Once we acknowledge that Christ has defeated cancer, we can learn what our paths for dealing with this illness.  It can be overcome and you can live. 
LaNese Taylor Boyd 
A Survivor 
Adamsville, AL
Minister Delisa Lee Novell Wilson
Empowering Children of All Ages...
For the past 13 years, as the co-founder of Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. I have encouraged so many other cancer survivors.  September 2010 I was diagnosed with Morphus Calcification.  A calcium build up in the milk ducks of my right breast.  Now the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak. I had to walk the talk I had been giving to so many others.  God became my Jehovah Rohi, my healer.  

Because of my direct involvement with Cancer Awareness Network I was able to recieve the support needed to see me through this difficult time.  My family, friends and other survivors kept me lifted up and reassured that I would get through this.  The most difficult part of this experience is sharing the pain and over coming the fear of the unknown.  Well I began to live these words, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind.  By every stripe of Jesus I am healed.  So Last December I celebrated another Birthday!!!

Minister Loretta G. Herring
2 Year Survivor 2012
Adamsville, AL