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Encouraging All Cancer Survivors Empowering Caregivers
Exalting the Memory of Loved Ones

Cancer Awareness Network (CAN) has partnered with University at Birmingham (UAB), Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham (CFGB), and Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) to reach senior cancer patients that are struggling with technology.

Who We Are

The Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. (CAN) is a program birthed out of the pain and frustration of my siblings and I as we witnessed our mother’s untimely demise to cancer.  As such, we decided to use our frustration and pain to help others. In 1997, we co-founded the Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc., a non-profit 501© 3 organization. The “for children” portion of the title in our name reflects my siblings and I as we searched for answers amongst the devastation we experienced. For the past twenty-three years, the CAN has served the community hosting annual quarterly free workshop luncheons at local churches and
community centers throughout the Birmingham metropolitan area.

"How my family’s history of cancer inspired me to support others.."


Loretta G. Herring, breast cancer survivor and advocate

Cancer Awareness Network| Talk of Alabama | 9.21.2023

CAN 5K Interview with Local TV News Station

Transforming the doctor-patient relationship: Communication Tips for Patients & Caregivers

“When I got home after all of my surgeries, I would stand in the bathroom, look at my scars and say, ‘God, I’m thankful I’m still standing,’”

Sandra Calloway-Fields

 Featured in the Birmingham Strong Newsletter March 14th

Cancer Empowerment Short films

Videos were produced at our Cancer Awareness Network 25th Anniversary Celebration Cancer Empowerment Summit on August 26, 2022, at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The film producer is Kistein Monkhouse founder of PatientOrator.


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