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Who We Are

The Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. (CAN) is a program birthed out of the pain and frustration of my siblings and I as we witnessed our mother’s untimely demise to cancer. As such, we decided to use our frustration and pain to help others. In 1997, we co-founded the Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc., a non-profit 501© 3 organization. The “for children” portion of the title in our name reflects my siblings and I as we searched for answers amongst the devastation we experienced. For the past twenty-three years, the CAN has served the community hosting annual quarterly free workshop luncheons at local churches and
community centers throughout the Birmingham metropolitan area.

As we facilitate quarterly workshops we aim to educate and empower cancer survivors and their families by exploring methods of service and encouraging them to utilize resources available in targeted areas. We offer readily available supportive services in the community and methods of utilization as We Celebrate Life!

About Us

The main goal of the Cancer Awareness Network for Children is to eliminate and diminish some of the fears associated with the diagnosis of cancer for people of all ages. The organization works closely with local oncologists who serve as presenters at each workshop. This partnership enables us to stay abreast of updates and clinical breakthroughs in research in the area of oncology. Since its inception, CAN has served over 500 cancer survivors and their family members, being  empowered through our services. CAN is designed to inform, motivate, and educate individuals assisting in an effective and positive health care experience. 

The volunteers and staff work hard to ensure that after participants attend the 

Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. workshop, they will be able to: 

Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc.
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Committee Support

Committee Support


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The theme of the Cancer Awareness Network for Children of all ages program is “Cutting Away the Fears”. The logo is symbolized by a pair of “open scissors” representing a cutting away motion. We are continually and actively involved supporting and enabling patients upon their request on a regular basis. In addition to educating, enabling and empowering caretakers and honoring survivors, we assist participants with transportation needs, house cleaning during treatment, direct them to appropriate agencies for financial support and healthcare, and guide them in networking with similar organizations for themselves and family members. 

“Cutting Away the Fears”

“Fear Cutters”

In addition, we are seeking to eliminate some of the fears associated with the disease and present preventive measures, so that quality decisions can be made concerning health and positive life styles. Some participants may need transportation to treatments, others may need an outlet to vent frustrations dealing with cancer. Through our resources we have been able to ease some of the pressures offering assistance and guidance for participants. We encourage participants to get regular screenings and offer information that enable them to make healthy life choices with their diet and exercise. Upon request we find resources available for transportation to treatments and counseling. We offer moral and spiritual support with a hands-on effect. (We hold their hands and walk them through the rough spots).

Mission Statement

Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc., (CAN) is a grassroots community organization. Our mission is to inform, educate, motivate, and enlighten underserved individuals of all ages who have been diagnosed with cancer. In addition, we provide supportive services, eliminate fears associated with cancer diagnosis. We also advocate for the health and economic equity of our cancer survivors and caregivers. As a non-profit 501c3 organization, we are actively involved in alleviating burdens that many families and survivors of cancer encounter.


Our Vision for CAN organization is to inspire cancer survivors. Every cancer patient will receive the medical and integrated help needed to experience quality health care throughout their lives.


We represent all survivors dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, enabling them to have a voice taking charge of their own health with informed decisions. Our values are reflective of the underserved community that are often left without a voice and under-represented.


We offer several opportunities for the under-served community to engage in successful cancer journey. We host quarterly free workshop luncheons to cancer patients/survivors and their family/caregivers. These sessions are designed to motivate, empower, and call to action for participants to take charge of their own health. We help with finances and house cleaning to those in treatment. Our scholarship program is designed for high school graduates who have/had cancer or a loved one with cancer, going to college seeking financial assistance. We work very closely one-on-one with patients seeking resources during their diagnosis and beyond. Each year we do a live presentation stage play, Colors of Cancer for survivors to share their stories on stage. Our new Telehealth Service program taught senior cancer patients to have effective communication, via their technological device, with their health care providers.


We touch over 300 lives each year with our workshops/luncheons, stage play, and assistance program.

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